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About me

Steven Cantrill: I joined the Wildblue Creative hub in 2022 to complete the lineup to provide a one stop shop for effective online marketing.

  • 20 years experience in online marketing.
  • Multiple creative skills to create digital content across audio, video, photos and graphics.
  • Trained in all social media platform strategies including Linkedin.
  • Have run successful social media campaigns for all types of projects.
  • I work with organisations & businesses.

2022/23 Highlights

  • Currently working with town councils to increase engagement
  • 3600% return on advertising spend for one local client.
  • Achieved the target of one local client in 1/3rd of allocated time.
  • 65% increase in Facebook followers for another local client


  • “Steve did a first class job for us on our successful campaign. He went the extra mile on many occasions which made a huge difference. Highly recommended.”

    Wisty, Friends of Chorley Great Wood (Jul 2021)
  • "Steve provided amazing marketing for our business. They made high quality content at a moment's notice and responded to all our marketing needs across all our social media and website helping us to rapidly grow our customer base."

    Gibson, White Hart, Ludgvan (Nov 2022)
  • " A great contibution to our online profile, Steve made social media a key part of our business in terms of engagement and creating new business opportunities."

    Skylite Associates 2023
  • Marazion Angling Club:

    “Toucando has really helped our club design and publish its website in a creative and attractive way, thereby increasing our site traffic and membership enquiries. In addition, they provide a professional and efficient service keeping our website fresh and updated. Highly recommended.” 

    Club Secretary, Marazion Angling Club (Jan 2023)
questions I am always asked about social media...
You may be missing out on major marketing potential and the ability to connect with new potential customers. We can help you develop a clear effective strategy on how to use social tools.
Definitely...social media represents a portal to huge potential customer bases.The skill is devising the right strategy, using the right platforms for your business and analysing results.

Wildblue can help you with all this..
This depends mainly on your business model and who are your customers. 

An example would be that for B to C type businesses Facebook and Instagram would be useful tools as they can generate great customer engagement. For B to B businesses we usually recommend using Linkedin effectively as it is the best way to connect with other businesses.

You can then use the other platforms for business credentials and web presence which is good for SEO.
Having a "neglected social media profile can be detrimental for your business as lack of activity can signal that your business is either running out of steam or has ceased trading.


Many businesses who don't wish to get involved with the running of day to day social media create a credential or brochure type profile. These have to be well set up and look professional and include:
  • Your branding.
  • Your mission statement.
  • Visual identity.
  • Full contact details.
The general approach is if you  look at this as your company brochure. You can then update the profile every 6 months to a year.
You can do this and in many ways it is beneficial but we always recommend thet you have a clear strategy and consistant approach so to look professional. 

Having clear brand guidelines for your posts and content is very important. Choice of font, brand colours image layouts all need to be consistant.

We can help you with this and provide training and a clear set of rules so you can run your profiles in-house.
With a clear set of goals at the beginning you can easily assess how well it is working.
  • Creating more interest/enquiries in your products and services.
  • More engagement when recruiting.
  • More feedback on your customer service.
  • More interest in your events.
  • Growing followers and connections.
It is also important to note that growing social media profiles is an important metric for SEO as google looks at social activity as a ranking factor for your website .
There are many great uses for social media for a business, here are a few...
  • Marketing your products and services.
  • Engaging with new/prospective and existing customers.
  • Advertising job vacancies.
  • Engaging with customers to get essential feedback and reviews.
  • Broadcasting changes and new directions for your business.
  • Testing new ideas for products and services.
  • Pushing a single product or service which may need more promotion.
  • Sharing your industry knowledge to become an "Authority"
There are many strategies and techniques for this, here are a number...
  • Many business owners use their own personal profile to initialise business profiles and start growing.
  • Create great, useful & engaging content within your field of business that is going to be shared.
  • Engage with other related groups and connect with their followers.
  • Take part in industry news conversations on other profiles.
  • Create key note posts that are well researched and have great value and boost them.
  • Testing new ideas for products and services.
There will always be valuable information and knowledge within your type of business for you to share. Your business may not have lots of "visual" appeal but there are ways to engage with customers.
Free Audit
I will provide a free audit of your social media profile and provide an initial ideas on strategy & opportunites
Please contact me: Steve, by email, phone or using the form below

07967 309468
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